How To Install a No-Leak Skylight

Dec 28 2021

Have other Memphis roofers scared you away from doing a skylight install in your home? Have you been told to remove your skylights rather than replace? Well, we are here to set the record straight, and keep you from giving up your natural light. At Restoration Roofing, our team has been trained to offer The No-Leak Velux Skylight installation experience for all our customers. Need some convincing? Let’s break down all the layers to showcase the technology in Velux skylights that make them leak-free. What is the No-Leak Skylight? With more than 75 years in engineering a quality product, Velux…

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Benefits of Adding Commercial Skylights

Nov 04 2021

Looking for a great way to elevate the appearance of your commercial building? Then it might be time to consider adding skylights to your commercial building’s roof. Skylights provide many advantages, no matter what kind of business you run. After all, who doesn’t want natural light in the workplace? To help with your decision, we’ve complied some of the top benefits that come with adding commercial skylights in the corporate world. More Attractive Indoor Environment Skylights have become a popular addition to commercial buildings because of how well they improve the aesthetic of a facility. Their appearance enhances appeal in…

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How Long Does an Asphalt Roof Last in Memphis

Oct 21 2021

Your new Memphis roof is a large investment, and one that you want to enjoy for years to come. An asphalt roof is the most common type you see on homes today and the primary style of roof we install at Restoration Roofing. Knowing the expected lifespan will not only help you decide which type of asphalt roof you should choose but will also tell you when it’s time to replace. Since there are so many options that will determine the lifespan of your roof, we are going to break down the different types of asphalt shingles along with the…

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10 Materials Included with Your Memphis Roof Replacement

Oct 13 2021

When someone tells you it’s time to replace your Memphis roof, what the first thing that comes to mind? Shingles, of course! But there are actually a lot more materials that go into replacing your roof. Every part of your roof has a crucial job to keep your home protected for years to come. The quality and correct installation on these components are just important as the shingles. At Restoration Roofing we ensure every new roof installation includes the following 10 components when you replace your Memphis roof. Roof Decking: Your roof’s decking is comprised of the plywood boards that…

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Memphis Roof Inspection: What to Expect

Oct 05 2021

Many roofing companies in Memphis offer a free inspection to come look at the condition of your roof. But what exactly does that entail? Most homeowners will only purchase a new roof once or twice in their life, so it makes sense that you may not know what to expect or how the process works. Need a New Roof? Here’s How it Works: A roof estimate will give you the information needed to plan for your roof replacement or repair. Do you know how much a new roof costs? Probably not, that’s why our experienced team of roofing experts will…

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Restoration Roofing Joins the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Oct 01 2021

Did you know that breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States? Furthermore, Memphis has the highest mortality rate in African American women compared to the 49 of the largest US cities. In support of all the mothers, sisters, and daughters who have experienced breast cancer, Restoration Roofing is joining the fight against breast cancer. Throughout the month of October, we are donating a portion of the proceeds from each new roof sold to The American Cancer Society. Restoration Roofing’s owner, Brent Simmons, was selected as one of American Cancer Society’s #RealMenWearPink ambassadors for the city…

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