Roofing Contractor in Marion AR

Is your roof in need of some TLC? Reach out to the pros at Restoration Roofing in Memphis for your needed maintenance and roof repairs, or for a roof replacement. If you’ve been wondering “Where can I find the best roofing services near me?” then search no further, your handy roof experts are here at Restoration Roofing in AR.

New Roofing Options at Restoration Roofing in AR

Want to upgrade the feel of your home? There are a number of new roofing options that will completely transform your home, from the durability of your roof to the amount of light you let in.

New Shingles

If you want to change the color and texture of your roof and increase your storm resistance, call Restoration Roofing in to give your shingles an overhaul. Our premium Scotchguard StormMaster Slate shingles are designed to withstand strong winds and heavy rain, built with Scotchguard protector. These durable shingles come in a range of colors and with a lifetime guarantee. The architectural shingles are sturdier than standard 3-tab asphalt shingles, made in layers of reinforced materials and granite for the best strength possible to withstand wind, hail, snow and rain for life.


Skylights are great for brightening up space, making a room feel larger and providing extra heat from the sun. Fixed skylights from Restoration Roofing are made with several layers of insulated glass to ensure your home stays toasty warm, even in cold winter months.

To perfect the look and feel of your room, Restoration Roofing professionals not only install new skylights for you but also the blinds and other fixtures you choose for the area. In partnership with Mid-South Skylight Systems, we install residential skylights as well as commercial skylights, and all related accessories.

How Long Does a New Roof Last

A typical asphalt shingle roof lasts 20-25 years with good maintenance. If not maintained properly, a roof can go out in the worst of times, leading to catastrophe and wasted money. Save on heating and cooling costs as well when you replace your roof, as upgraded shingles and insulation can help keep your HVAC in top-working order. Keeping your heating and cooling system at optimum levels also prevents algae mold from building up, which can also lead to costly and dangerous health issues if not managed properly.

When Is a Roof Replacement Necessary?

If your roof is an original roof above a certain age on an older home, it might need replacement simply to improve the structural soundness and safety and ensure you don’t face any roof issues in the future. There are certain signs to look for if you think you need a roof replacement:

  • The number one sign is if you have leaks, especially during stormy weather. This is a sign that your shingles could be separated, or a bigger issue is at hand.
  • Your shingles or flashing is visibly damaged, such as curling up, cracked, or completely raised from the bed at any corner.
  • Drooping or sagging anywhere inside, or visible from the outside
  • Plants, such as moss, growing on your roof is an indication of heat escape as well as water retention that needs to be investigated ASAP.

How To Prepare for a New Roof Installation

Once you schedule your roof repair appointment, preparation is easy. Make sure to clear the area and any attached attic from clutter and debris, and let everyone in your home know, such as children, to keep away from the area and roofing professional’s equipment (such as ladders). You should also put your pets in a safe room or a doggy daycare for the day, as it will be pretty noisy around the house during work. Speaking of noise, let your neighbors know to expect to hear some construction racket while your roof is being worked on.

Choose the Right Roofing Company for the Job

When planning to repair or make changes to the roof of your home or business, you’ll want to speak with the best, licensed professionals in the Marion AR area.

What Makes Restoration Roofing the Best Roofing Company Near Me

Our family-owned and operated company serves the Memphis, TN and Marion, AR region with the highest-rated roofing replacement and replacement work, backed by Google reviews and plenty of satisfied clients. Our top-notch service includes high-quality roofing materials and an on-site foreman for every job, ensuring you have an expert eye on every step of the project and someone to turn to with questions until the process is completed. Call Restoration Roofing now for your next roof replacement or needed roofing repairs.

At Restoration Roofing, we do our best to ensure that our clients have a good experience with us. We serve homeowners and businesses throughout the Mid-South. Whether you need roof replacement, roof repair, new gutters or any of our service offerings, contact us for a quote today!