How Much Do Gutters Cost in 2022

Jan 12 2022

Gutters are your roof’s best friend. They work very well together at managing water around your home. Your roof’s purpose is to shed water and your gutter’s purpose is to manage the distribution of water around and away from your home. In this article, we will break down how much gutters will cost you in 2022. Just like roof pricing, gutter pricing varies depending on a few factors. Those factors being the following: 1. Are existing gutters being removed? 2. Are 5 or 6” gutters being installed? 3. Number of stories on the home. 4. Are straight runs of gutters being…

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Aluminum or Steel Gutters: Which is the Best for your Home?

Jan 11 2022

Throughout the years, gutters have been made in many shapes and out of many different materials. The most common style of gutter for a residence is the k-style gutter or “Ogee” gutters. The most common gutter materials for this style you’ll find on a home are aluminum and steel. In this article, we talk about the difference between aluminum and steel gutters to help you determine which is best for your home. Aluminum gutters In recent years, Aluminum gutters have become more popular than steel gutters on homes. Aluminum is a lightweight metal so it is easier to hang and…

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How to Remove Moss From Your Roof

Jan 10 2022

Does your roof look like it’s turning green and is beginning to look like a jungle is growing up there? If so, it sounds like you have moss growing on your shingles. In this article, we’ll explain why it is damaging to your roof, how to remove it, and how to prevent it in the future. Let’s go! Why is Moss Damaging Your Roof First and foremost, why do you want to remove moss in the first place? Two reasons: 1. It makes the shingles look dirty and 2. It is actually damaging to your roof. Moss growing on a…

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What is ACV, Actual Cash Value?

Jan 06 2022

Have you ever had to experience an insurance claim? If so, you may have felt a little confused by all of the terms and abbreviations that you will find on insurance claim paperwork. Words like: deductible, RCV, ACV, depreciation, overhead and profit, and PWI are just a few of these terms. In today’s article, I want to explain one of the most common abbreviations: ACV. This article is not intended to sway your opinion or be any kind of framework for you to purchase coverage for your home. We always recommend you consult with your insurance agent for that. This…

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How Much Do Skylights Cost in 2022

Jan 05 2022

Do you have a skylight on your home that is need of replacement? Or do you want to add a skylight to a room that didn’t have one before? Well, we are here to help you determine what you should expect to spend. Much like the cost of a new roof, there are a ton of variables that can influence the price of the skylights, but first, let’s start with a skylight replacement. All the price ranges we are quoting below are for an installed skylight. This is to be used as a guide only. Skylight Replacement If you have…

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What is Roof Drip Edge and Why Do you Need It?

Jan 03 2022

If you look at homes with new roofs, you may notice a continuous-looking piece of metal that hangs just below the edge of the shingles. This piece can be a wide range of colors, but it is usually a different color than the trim of the home. If you see this than you are probably looking at drip edge. What is a Roof Drip Edge? Drip edge is a piece of metal flashing that is 8-10’ long that serves one main purpose: protection. It primarily protects the fascia of the home but also acts as an extra layer of protection…

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