Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards Installation In Memphis TN

Do you hate cleaning your gutters? We don’t blame you, so that’s why we wanted to introduce you to gutter guards. Gutters play an important role in protecting your Memphis home, so they shouldn’t be ignored. At Restoration Roofing we offer top quality gutters guards so let us show you how they can make all the difference!

Gutter Guards are a great way to stop debris, leaves, and other unwanted objects from entering your gutters. Clogged gutters can increase water pressure in the rain gutter, causing leaks in ceilings or walls. The excessive weight of the heavy material can also cause siding and roofing materials to rip and tear. Gutters are a place for water flow, not debris.

Types of Gutter Guard Systems

There are two types of gutters guards: gutter guard screens and gutter helmets. Gutter screens are made of a wire mesh that goes over the top of your gutters and gutter helmets are sheets of metal or engineered plastic that are installed into your gutters.

Most of the guards you will find online use a unique clamp mechanism to attach to the existing gutter. Those systems are easy to install and remove. Another popular method is to use a one-piece seamless gutter that slides into place. You will have to have a professional install those gutters.

Screen Gutter Guards

These are the most common and least expensive kind of gutter guards. They are made by several manufacturers and are easy to install. Each manufacturer has a slightly different screen type, but they work well. The screens have small holes through which water can pass. Any debris caught in the screen will be pushed past it and into the downspout. In heavy rain, large amounts of debris may clog up the guards, but they usually free themselves in time for your next rain. Gutter screens are available in plastic, metal, and even aluminum. They are usually easy to install and remove.

EZ Flow/ Sure Flow Gutter Guards

The next, middle tier, kind of gutter guards are what we call EZ Flow and Sure Flow gutter guards. These kinds of gutter guards have a lower profile and are heavily engineered products. A lot of technology is in these gutter guards that allow them to collect as much water as possible while keeping debris out. For this reason, they are more expensive than the basic mesh style gutter guards.

Specialty Raindrop Gutter Guards

There are a lot of specialty gutter guards out there that have ingenious designs and serve special purposes. At Restoration Roofing, we have a specialty gutter guard that works extremely well at a fraction of the cost of the other big specialty gutter guard brands: Raindrop Gutter Guards. 

These gutter guards are made from an extremely durable material and are installed at a slope so that debris flow off the guards. They work so well that we have never had a single complaint about them, despite installing several thousands of feet of them. They also come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Gutter Guards?

It would be best to consider many things before buying the best gutter guards. It would help if you asked your contractor or hardware store expert how well they work. Look at the materials they use and ask how well they were made. Also, make sure that you get them in time for the rainy season. 

They should be installed by a professional because they can create a whole new channel for debris to come into your rain gutters. You should also wait to see if you have a problem with rain gutter clogging before installing them. The point of the best gutter guards is to avoid a problem, not create one!

What are the pros of gutter guards?

  1. Spend Less Time and Money on Maintenance: Every year your gutters may get clogged with leaves, pine needles, shingle granules and even animal nests. Gutter guards are designed to keep out all this debris and prevent clogging in your gutters. Without guards, you will find yourself having to clean out your gutters or paying someone else to clean them. 
  2. Prevent Animal Infestation: Animals love using your gutters as their home. These nests and even their droppings can contribute to clogs. Since animals have a place to live in your gutters, they will also start chewing into your fascia and soffit. Gutter guards prevent animals from being able to make your home into their home.
  3. Reduce Ice Dam Formation: Winter can be very destructive to your roof and your gutters. Ice dams can occur, even in the Mid-South, and this will lead to leaking into your home. When gutters are clogged, water can accumulate and then freeze causing these ice dams. Gutter guards will reduce ice dam formation, especially when they are installed with heat cables. 
  4. Prevent Roof and Gutter Damage: When your gutters get clogged, the water will overflow and flow into your home. This can damage your property and areas of the house including roof, foundation, walls, and the basement. Your gutter guards can also help protect your gutters from dents from falling debris. After extreme storms, tree limbs may fall and hit your gutters. We have seen gutters experience only minimal damage after being struck because the homeowner had gutter guards installed. 
  5. Prolong the Life of Your Gutters: Moisture-laden debris that lies in your gutter can cause metal structures to rust prematurely. By preventing debris from entering, you are extending the life of your gutters. 
  6. Virtually Invisible From the Ground: Gutter guards are able to be installed without distorting the look of your gutters or hurting your home’s curb appeal. 

How to clean your gutter guards?

Many people would not think of cleaning their gutter guards regularly. But it would be best if you did so. Not only will your gutters work better for the next rain, but if one or more of your gutters start to clog up, then your guard will be able to catch the debris before it enters your home and causes damage. You should clean them yourself, though you should not rush this process. Ideally, it would help if you did this job whenever a serious rain has already fallen. However, if your gutters look suspiciously clogged and you have not seen significant rain since the beginning of the season, you should get help cleaning them.

How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost?

There are many different kinds of guards out there and a very wide range of prices. That’s why we put a ballpark price on some of the different kinds of gutter guards you can buy in this article here: How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost?

If gutter guards are being installed on existing gutters. The price per foot actually increases because there is more work that has to be done before they are installed. Things like clearing the gutter of existing debris, reinforcements to the gutters, and sealing of the gutter joints can all affect the price of a Memphis gutter guard installation

Why Choose Raindrop Gutter Guard?

Raindrop Gutter Guards are the most effective and easiest-to-use gutter guards. They are custom-made to fit your home’s gutter. They come in various colors and sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your home. These guards have many benefits over other gutter guard systems.

Are Gutter Guards Worth it?

Gutter guards are a good investment since it can cost a lot of money and be a pain in the neck to constantly clean your gutters. They work well for small jobs and keep the maintenance to a manageable level.

If you’re interested in getting gutter guards or screens installed to your house give us a call at Restoration Roofing today! We will help you determine which ones fit and look great on your house.