Roof and Gutter Services in Hernando and Surrounding Areas

Roofing contractors not only install and replace roofs, but they also repair roofs that have been damaged by water leaks, fires, storms, and other events. Before hiring roofing professionals, you need to know a lot about them — such as whether they are licensed, insured and experienced. It helps to read reviews and testimonials from their customers, as well as to look at photos of their previous work. 

At Restoration Roofing, we offer roofing services in Hernando MS and have years of experience with roof repair, installation and replacement. But we also want to give homeowners the information they need to make an informed decision about which roofing contractor to choose. Here are more things to consider when you need to have your roof repaired or replaced:

The Benefits of Hiring a Roofing/Gutter Contractor

There are several benefits of hiring a professional to handle your roofing and gutter issues:

  1. A Hernando roofing contractor knows the local building code and roofing standards to follow when installing, repairing, or replacing your roof. This code helps protect the public’s health, general welfare, and safety by specifying the building standards and rules for construction projects. 
  2. A roofing contractor is likely to complete the assigned work on time. These professionals work efficiently and ensure that they meet deadlines since they know that weather changes can occur at any time.
  3. A roofing contractor will offer good quality roofing services since these professionals are skilled, trained and experienced. 
  4. Even if you have some roofing experience, hiring a professional roofing contractor is more cost effective than doing it yourself. Most of these professionals have built good relationships with their suppliers and can buy the materials at lower prices. If you decide to purchase these materials by yourself, you will end up spending more money than you would have spent if you had a roofer buy them.
  5. When you hire a roofing contractor, you can avoid accidents that are more likely to happen if you decide to install or repair a roof by yourself. These professionals have safety equipment and gear that help them remain safe when doing their work.
  6. When you hire a roofing contractor, you will get the best roofing materials because these professionals know where to get and how to identify such materials.
  7. Most roofing contractors offer warranties. Therefore, if the installed, repaired, or replaced roof is damaged within the warranty period, they will repair or replace the roof at no cost. That won’t happen if you do it yourself or hire a friend who isn’t a licensed, insured roofing contractor.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Roof or Gutter?

You should replace your roof or gutter if:

  • The roof is more than 20 years old
  • The roof has cracked shingles
  • Your roof has missing granules
  • The roof looks worn out and old
  • Your roof decks have dark streaks
  • The roof’s shingles are cracked
  • You notice moss growth on the roof
  • Your gutters are sagging
  • Your gutters are cracked or have holes and rust spots
  • The gutters’ fasteners are missing
  • Your gutters have pulled away from your roof
  • The gutters have separated

If you suspect that your roof may need to be repaired or replaced, call us for a roof inspection. We can let you know what’s wrong with your roof and give you a quote on whatever work needs to be done.

Services Offered by Restoration Roofers

Restoration Roofers will take care of all your roofing needs. We offer both commercial and residential roofing services. We install new roofs and gutters and repair damaged roofs. We also install DEC-TECs and skylights. 

We serve Hernando and the surrounding areas. Our roofing contractors are experienced, insured, and licensed. They tackle all roofing projects, ranging from gutter or roof replacements and repairs to roof installation. Contact us today and schedule a time for a roof inspector to come check out your roof!