Fascia Repair

Fascia Repair Near Memphis, TN

A fascia board is a long wooden board that connects the roof rafters. It’s found behind the house gutters and closes off the attic, serving as the mount for gutters. Animal infestations, clogged gutters and other roof problems can result in a damaged fascia board and be the starting point of other roofing problems.

Without proper maintenance, a damaged fascia board can cause significant damage to the attic and home. Property owners should collaborate with professional roofing contractors like Restoration Roofing to have their roof fascias repaired, replaced or maintained.

Fascia Repair and Installation

When it comes to house roofing, there’s an endless amount of elements to consider, ensuring it secures and protects the household from outside elements. Fascia boards are some of the most important aspects of any roof.

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Our clients can depend on us for residential and commercial roof repairs, fascia and guttering repairs and skylight installation.

What Is Fascia?

The roof fascia is the vertical board that sits directly under the roof’s overhang. It’s usually attached to the gutter and soffit that connects horizontally to the fascia walls. The fascia and soffit enclose the roof’s eaves to protect the attic from pests, mold infestation, and ventilation issues.

Enclosing the roof’s eaves is vital for several practical reasons. The roof’s trusses, rafters and cavity are usually made of wood. The fascia forms a significant part of the roof’s protective shield that prevents moisture, rain and pests from getting to them.

Benefits of Fascia

Ensuring the roofline is properly maintained is critical to maintaining its structural integrity and improving aesthetic appeal. This segment outlines the top benefits of repairing, maintaining or installing fascias. They include the following:

ReduceMoisture Levels

One of the main reasons for installing fascia boards on the roofline is to prevent moisture from getting into the attic. If the fascia is damaged and left unmaintained, a moisture buildup can result in rot and decay, resulting in serious, often expensive repairs. Installing fascia boards and soffits helps protect the building from excessive moisture.

Roofline Support and Protection

Most fascia boards have strong load-bearing capability, making them critical elements to support the bottom tile rows on the roof. However, it’s important to maintain fascias regularly to ensure the roofline is properly supported. Contact a professional roofer like Restoration Roofing if you notice any signs of fascia damage or weakness.


Fascia boards also support the gutter system, helping to direct rainwater from the building. It’s an essential roofing system that helps maintain the structural integrity of the gutter system, especially during heavy rainfalls.

Increase the Aesthetic Appeal

Fascia boards, like soffits, help create a neat and tidy finish to any property’s exterior. They’re great for adding a little style and refinement, aiding the roof’s aesthetic appeal. Fascia boards come in different materials, styles and designs, making them a great option for blending with the roof’s theme.

Pest Prevention

Fascia boards and soffits cover the exposed edges of the roofline, functioning as a barrier to pests and rodents that may access the building through these spaces.

Weather Protection

Covering the exposed roofline edges allows fascia boards to reduce the risks of damage from outside elements. Installing soffits and fascia boards should help create a stronger defense barrier for the roof for optimal roofline protection.

When Do You Need Fascia Repair?

Here are a few key considerations that call for a fascia repair by our professional roofers at Restoration Roofing:

  • Moisture damage: Gutter leaks, clogs and other roof issues can expose fascia boards to moisture.
  • Mold, algae and fungus: These organisms can infect wet fascia and cause severe roof infections if left untreated.
  • Cracks: Aging, temperature fluctuations and water damage contribute to fascia board cracks.
  • Damage from animals: Animals can be tenacious when looking for a place to nest, and the attic is usually their preferred hiding spot. Termites and other insects are also attracted to fascia boards.

Fascia Replacement

Sometimes, a fascia board repair may not be the best option for the roof. Sure, repairing part of the fascia instead of the entire plant is a more cost-effective solution, but there are situations where replacing fascia as a whole is the better option.

Talk to our expert roofers to provide a more detailed outline of the roof inspection process and findings. We also advise our clients on whether to repair or replace their fascia boards, depending on the extent of damage and other factors.

Regular maintenance is an essential aspect of prolonging the life of fascia boards. Still, it’s important to check for signs of damage and contact Restoration Roofing immediately after noticing an issue.

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