How Much Does Drip Edge Cost on your Memphis Roof?

How Much Does Drip Edge Cost on your Memphis Roof?

Apr 04 2022

Drip edge is one of our favorite roofing components. It looks attractive but also has a very important function. For those of you who don’t know, drip edge is designed to protect your fascia and siding from prematurely rotting and it does this by redirecting water away from your fascia boards instead of it flowing down your fascia. Drip edge is installed on your eaves and rakes of your home. Simply put, it’s installed on the perimeter of your roof.  But how much does this stuff cost?!

Let me present two scenarios for you so that you can know generally what to expect when it comes to the cost of installing drip edge on your Memphis roof.

 Scenario 1: Drip Edge on a New Roof.

If you are buying a new roof, this is the best time to upgrade and purchase drip edge. In certain cities, it’s mandatory, and other it’s not. We always recommend you install drip edge with every new roof. With the old roof removed, it’s much easier for your roofer to install drip edge and, therefore, is less expensive. In the Memphis area, drip edge ranges from $4-$6.00 a foot if a new roof is being installed. Let’s assume your roof has a combined eave and rake measurement of 350’, that makes the price to install drip edge $1,400 – $2,100 on your new roof. That is money very well spent because this add-on will save you much more money in the long run.

Scenario 2: Drip Edge on an Existing Roof.

Let’s say you have a roof that is in good shape but, for whatever reason, your roof doesn’t have drip edge installed on it. The good news is, it’s not too late to add drip edge. The bad news is, it’s much more expensive to do this after a roof is installed. The reason for this is because it is very tedious work to get drip edge to fit under previously installed shingles. In some cases, the drip edge can not be fully nailed from the top and screws will have to be used on the face of the drip edge to secure it to the roof. The price to retrofit drip edge to an existing roof is $9-$15.00 a foot. Looking at the house with 350’ that gives us a range of $3,150- $5,250.

As you can see, it really benefits you to pay for drip edge when you get a new roof installed. Any good roofer is going to install drip edge on your new roof. To learn more about the function of drip edge, check out our blog: What is Roof Drip Edge and Why Do you Need It?

Why Choose Restoration Roofing

At Restoration Roofing, we always build roofs according to code requirements regardless of rather or not it is inspected because it is simply the right thing to do.

Working with a skilled Memphis roofer who specializes in quality roof installation will ensure your roof is installed correctly and to code. With the right drip edge, you can enjoy your home without worrying about the lifespan of your roof and decking.

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