What is Roof Drip Edge and Why Do you Need It?

What is Roof Drip Edge and Why Do you Need It?

Jan 03 2022

If you look at homes with new roofs, you may notice a continuous-looking piece of metal that hangs just below the edge of the shingles. This piece can be a wide range of colors, but it is usually a different color than the trim of the home. If you see this than you are probably looking at drip edge.

What is a Roof Drip Edge?

Drip edge is a piece of metal flashing that is 8-10’ long that serves one main purpose: protection. It primarily protects the fascia of the home but also acts as an extra layer of protection for the edge of your roof decking.

Why is Drip Edge Important?

The reason why drip edge is important is because of surface tension. When water flows down your roof to the edge of your shingles, it can actually roll over the edge of the shingle and flow back to the fascia. In a way, water can defy gravity through surface tension. Without a drip edge in place, the water will run down the fascia of your home and even flow back to your decking. This constant contact with water will cause the wood to eventually rot.

What are the Different Kinds of Drip Edge?

That being said, not all drip edge is created equally. There are a wide range of sizes of drip edge pieces. Some go under the shingles 3 inches, some go under the shingles 4 inches, some 6 inches, and so on.  There are drip edges that are flat as they go down the fascia and some that have a 45 degree bend at the end to flick water away from the fascia boards. At Restoration Roofing, we use drip edge that utilizes the 45 degree kick out as we have found that it works the best at guiding water away from wood trim and siding.

What is Roof Drip Edge and Why Do you Need It? What is Roof Drip Edge and Why Do you Need It?

Is Drip Edge Required by Building Code?

Most municipalities in the United States have a building code that trades, and contractors must follow. The common code authority is the “International Residential Code,” or IRC for short. These codes dictate what practices must be followed when performing construction on a home. Drip edge on all waves and rakes of your home is one of those code requirements. However, it is not commonly enforced in the Memphis area by code enforcement officers. That is why you will see a lot of new homes with new roofs and no drip edge to be found.

Why Choose Restoration Roofing

At Restoration Roofing, we have a different philosophy. We always build roofs according to code requirements regardless of rather or not it is inspected because it is simply the right thing to do.

Working with a skilled Memphis roofer who specializes in quality roof installation will ensure your roof is installed correctly and to code. With the right drip edge, you can enjoy your home without worrying about the lifespan of your roof and decking.

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