What Are Discontinued Shingles?

What Are Discontinued Shingles?

Nov 07 2022

Shingle manufacturers change their product lines often and may discontinue a color, change a product, or even cancel a shingle all together. Like any product, shingle manufacturers are continually updating and improving their supply. A shingle may no longer be available for a variety of reasons including lack of sales, defective design, or production limitations.

When this happens, the shingle is considered discontinued. Most homeowners will never know whether their shingles are discontinued until the roof is damaged and needs repairs.

How to Find Out if You Have Discontinued Shingles?

Your roofing contractor can determine if your shingles are discontinued by sending them to Itel or Name that Shingle for a report. These reports will tell you if it’s discontinued, why it discontinued, and why there is not a viable alternative. These reports are used to show the insurance company why a repair is unable to be matched.

What Happens If I Have Discontinued Shingles?

If your roof has suffered damage, the first thing to do is to contact a reputable, experienced roofing contractor to inspect your roof. We recommend doing this before you contact your insurance company. They will be able to determine if the shingle is discontinued or not through the Itel or NTS report.

If the roof needs to be replaced and insurance is covering the expense, then you don’t have to worry about the shingles being discontinued. Things get a little more complicated if insurance is only willing to cover repairs.

Restoration Roofing is located in Tennessee, which is a matching state. This means that in cases of repair, a roofing contractor can only use shingles that are an exact match to what the homeowner already has on their roof. If your shingles are discontinued, then your roofer cannot make the repairs and will instead fight to get your insurance to cover the expense of a new roof.

It’s important to work with a roofing contractor from the beginning since they will be present when the adjuster is dispatched to your home to perform their inspection for the insurance company. Your roofer will be able to point out damages that your adjuster may overlook and will be the ones to help determine if your shingles are discontinued.

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