Not everyone is familiar with the terms “soffit” and “fascia,” but these are two of your roof’s most important parts — and if they are made of wood, they are also very susceptible to rotting.

The soffit is the exposed surface under your roof’s overhang, and it usually has small holes to help with the ventilation for your attic. The fascia is the vertical boards that run along the edge of your roof line, giving your roof a more even appearance and helping to shield it from water damage. If they are rotting due to water damage or insect damage, the soffit and fascia can’t do their job. That’s why replacing rotten fascia and soffit boards is so important for the health and function of your roof!

Restoration Roofing offers fascia and soffit replacement services in the Memphis area to help all the parts of your roof stay strong and do their part to protect your home. Our professional carpenters and painters can determine the extent of the damage and find the best way to deal with your roof’s rotten wood parts, so call us today or contact us online for a quote!


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