Choosing the Best Roofing Nails

Choosing the Best Roofing Nails

Feb 22 2021

When you think of a roof you probably think of shingles, ridge cap, and ridge vent. But the unseen roofing nails are just as important to your roofing system. Depending on type of material being installed on your home, there are a variety of roofing nails that are more durable than traditional nails. So which nail is best for your Memphis roof?


Galvanized Coil Nail

The galvanized coil nail is the most common roofing nail and the least expensive option for nails. There are two different ways that they galvanize nails: hot dipped and electro galvanized. These feature a smooth shank that is fed through the nail gun and are used for most shingle applications.


Ring Shank Coil Nail

The main benefit of using ring shank coil nails is their ridges that provide more grip into the wood. As a result, these are going to provide more resistance against the nail pulling back out. These are a good upgrade option compared to the galvanized coil nail but tend to be a slightly more expensive option and a little more difficult to acquire.


Stainless Steel Coil Nail

Stainless steel coil nails are the top option for roofing nails, but at $150 a box they are more than double the price of the galvanized nails. Since they are stainless steel they will never rust, and you will not have to worry about roof leaks. At Restoration Roofing, we use stainless steel coil nails in homes with a 3/12 pitch roof where shingles are installed with an ice and water underlayment. The nails provide extra protection for long term wear as a precaution for any moisture that gets trapped under the shingles. This is a common issue in low pitched roofs.


Specialty Nails

Copper Nails

Copper nails are 100% copper and the go-to option when we install specialty roofing products like slate, wood shake or grand manor shingles. Copper nails are also used when installing standard architectural shingles with any copper accessory or flashing. Copper nails must be used with copper accessories due to different metals not matching and rotting each other out.


Plastic Cap Nails

These are most commonly used nails to hold down the underlayment or felt on your roof. The cap will make a tight seal into the decking when installed correctly.

Metal Cap Nail

These have the same design as the plastic cap nail, but it has a metal cap similar to a washer. These are used to install rolled roofing. There are many types of rolled roofing and these nails help secure each type and keep them from sliding and shifting.


Why Certain Nails Rust

Whether a roofing nail will rust or not is dependent on its material.

Stainless steel will never rust which is why it’s used on specific roof applications where it’s likely to get moisture.

Galvanized nails will eventually rust. The coating of zinc on them makes them rust resistant, but over time that coating of zinc does wear off. It weathers away and exposes raw steel which will eventually start to rust.

Copper nails do not rust but they will patina and change color. They will last as long as the specialty roofing shingles.


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