Best Pipe Boots For Your Memphis Roof

Best Pipe Boots For Your Memphis Roof

Dec 21 2020

Got a leaky roof? Check your boot! Your roof pipe boot that is. Your roof pipe boot is a small piece of your overall roof; however, it serves a very important purpose.

So What Exactly is a Pipe Boot?

If you step outside and look at your roof, you’ll notice a few pipes sticking out with rubber or metal collars around them. The pipe boot is the flashing around the pipe that is installed to waterproof your plumbing vent pipes and protect all the penetrations from coming into your home.

What Causes Damage?

Pipe boots experience wear from exposure to the sun or from extreme weather. As the outside temperature changes throughout the year, your roof will naturally expand and contract. If your roof boot shifts, peels up or cracks during these changes then it can create a leak into your home.

The life span of a pipe boot is dependent on the material used. Unfortunately, not all Memphis homebuilders install quality roof boots as a way to cut costs. The minor savings of only around $100 results in roof boots that are almost guaranteed to fail, and in some cases fail quickly.

Are Metal Pipe Boots Better Than Rubber?

A common but cheaper option for pipe boots is rubber. Oftentimes, the rubber pipe boots can split or become damaged from pooling water weakening the material. During installation, rubber pipe boots have the potential for the nail gun to blow through the rubber, meaning the pipe boot is no longer being properly held down on the roof. All of these issues will result in a quick deterioration on your new roof, causing leaks into your new home.

The pipe boots that we use at Restoration Roofing are metal with a flexible collar around the pipe. These hold up to the extreme heat of the Memphis summer and don’t allow for the nail gun to blow through the material.

For only a minor increase in price we recommend upgrading to the metal pipe boots for any new roof installation. The difference of around $100 will potentially save you thousands in the long run.

Signs of Damaged Pipe Boot

Here are some common signs to look for that may tip you off to a damaged pipe boot.

  1. Cracked or peeling wallpaper or paint on the ceiling of your kitchen or bathrooms
  2. Damaged singles around your roof’s vent pipes
  3. Water stains on your ceiling or walls

Restoration Roofing is committed to using the highest quality roofing materials on your Memphis roof. While some roof maintenance changes may seem simple, it’s always a good idea to have a professional roofer on your side. Contact us today at 901-854-3402 for a free roof inspection and we will be sure to check your boot!

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