6 Signs of Improper Roof Installation

6 Signs of Improper Roof Installation

Mar 10 2022

You work hard to keep a safe roof over your head, so of course you want to know signs of improper installation.

Roof leaks can be caused by a number of things, but there are 3 main reasons why roofs leak: old age, storm damage, and improper installation. In this we are going to break down what improper installation looks like and how shingles can be improperly installed.

1. Shingles sliding off the roof– this is the first and most common symptom of improper installation. When you see shingles sliding off of roofs, it’s usually caused by the nails being installed too high on the shingle. This is especially a problem on architectural (laminated) shingles. If nails are installed above the nail zone, the two layers of laminate can come apart and cause the bottom layer to slide out. Hence, why the term “slide-out” exists.
2. Nails visible below the edge of the shingle– opposite to the high nailed shingles, you can also have low nailed shingles. This is where the nails are placed below the nailing zone and, often times, this leaks the nails visible. Low nails will eventually rust and allow water to penetrate the roof and cause stains on your ceilings. Fun fact: the roofing slang for this is a “shiner.”
3. Crooked shingles– this is pretty self explanatory and I see this all the time. This is where the roofers did not take the time to put chalk lines on the decking before they started shingling. Not having straight lines to use as a reference when installing shingles will cause the finished product to be wavy. If the rows are too crooked, this can cause wind driven rain to get underneath the shingle and Will leads to leaks. Remember, a little bit of preparation goes a long way.
4. Nails under the joints– where two shingles butt together side by side is called a “key way.” During storms, these key ways will allow water to pass between them and on to the shingle below. This is completely normal. The main issues arises when the shingle below has a nail directly where the key way meets. As I stated before, an exposed nail will lead to eventual rust and leaking into the home.
5. Unsealed nail heads– there are places on roof where exposed nails can’t be avoided. These are ridge cap terminations, pipe boots, HVAC vents, and certain flashings. If a nail has to be exposed, it MUST be capped with sealant. We see new roofs all the time with leaks due to unsealed nail heads.
6. Granule loss– granules are the small rocks that make up the top layer of your shingles. If your roof isn’t ventilated correctly, you can start to see pre-mature granule loss pretty quickly. You’ll notice granules coming out of your downspouts or sitting in your gutters. Please note, It is normal for brand new roofs to lose a certain amount of granules immediately after they are installed. However, It’s not normal for the granules to continue to fall off a full up gutters year after. Fear not, this issue can always be fixed by adding ventilation like ridge vent or solar attic fans and soffit vents.

Choosing a Trustworthy Local Roofer

There’s a lot of signs of improper roof installation that we intend on covering later, but these are the most common roofing issues we see in the Midsouth. You always want to make sure your Collierville roofer has good reviews, is BBB accredited and has insurance in the event something does go wrong.

At Restoration Roofing our experts are capable of inspecting your roof for proper installation, repairing roof issues, and installing a brand new roof on your home. You can feel confident that, with our inspection, you will know exactly what’s going on with your roof and what option is the best for you, in the short term and long term.

To schedule a complimentary digital roof inspection, give us a call at 901-854-3402, or contact us online. We are happy to serve Collierville and the surrounding Midsouth! To see more updates from Restoration Roofing, check out our Facebook page.