I had a wonderful experience with Restoration System Roofing from beginning to end. I had a leak around my chimney that had been repaired once before, but the repair did not last. After a few phone calls, I went with Restoration System Roofing. Brent was quick to schedule a time to assess the damage and followed up with a detailed quote on materials needed for the repair and labor. I felt confident from my meeting with him that he was trustworthy and could tell that he cared for the customer. He took pictures of the damage on the roof for me to see and offered a couple of ways to repair the leak ultimately letting me choose the best way to resolve it according to my budget. Once that was decided, the work crew was quick and efficient, and cleaned up any debris after they were through. They even hauled off my Christmas tree for me that had sitting on the curb for several weeks. Brent offered to do a free mold check although he said he didn’t anticipate finding anything, but that I may want to do it for peace of mind. He also followed up in the weeks following to see if I was satisfied with their work and to see if I needed anything else. I have a feeling I will not have any trouble with this leak again, and I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Restoration System Roofing. If you are having any roofing issues, be sure to call Restoration System Roofing for a quote!