Restoration Roofing Selected as Wise Choice

Oct 02 2020

Restoration Roofing is thrilled to share that they have been selected as Andy Wise’s Wise Choice for roofing company in Memphis, Tennessee. Local celebrity, Andy Wise, is known for his years as an investigative consumer reporter and has continued his legacy of being a trusted advisor for consumers through his business, Wise Choices. Wise Choices offers a list of local businesses that Andy has researched and vetted before giving them his seal of approval to be considered as Wise Choice. Each business category only has one business selected and Restoration Roofing holds the roofing category. During the selection process in…

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Restoration Roofing Provided Free Roof for Memphis Teacher

Sep 11 2020

This week we teamed up with the national roofing business school, Roofing Insights, to provide a free roof to a local Memphis teacher. On September 10, 2020, our crew and team members worked to replace a full roof on Ms. Sheila Ford’s home, entirely free of charge. Ms. Ford is a fourth and fifth grade math teacher at Scenic Hills Elementary where she has taught for the past 23 years. During that time, she has lived in the same house located just a mile away from Scenic Hills Elementary and neighbored by families of her students. After our roof inspection…

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How to Nail Roofing Shingles

Sep 04 2020

Proper Use of the Nail Zone to Install Atlas Shingles Your home is protected from the elements by your roof’s shingles, but they only work when they are installed properly. Roofing shingles have specific guidelines on how they should be attached to your roof and correct installation is essential for shingle performance. No matter which shingle manufacturer your roofing contractor chooses, one key factor is that they all have a nail zone. The nail zone is probably the most important component of any shingle and is designed for one sole purpose. This is the strip where nails must be installed…

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7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for a New Roof

Jul 29 2020

Having a new roof placed on your home is an exciting undertaking but most homeowners do not know what to expect or how to prepare their home for a new roof. Before each new roof, we have our Project Managers contact the customer to share what they need to do to prepare their home. But we thought it would be helpful to create an in-depth post for any homeowner getting a new roof installed. We believe that it is always a good idea to have the contractor and homeowner on the same page of what to expect to ensure the…

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Pros and Cons of a Roof Overlay

Jul 23 2020

We get asked all the time “Can you add new shingles on top of old ones?” Our answer, “Yes.” Follow up Question: “Should I put another layer of shingles over my existing shingles?” Our answer, “No.” To help explain our stance, we broke down the pros and cons of doing a roof overlay and why we do not recommend doing another layer of shingles over your roof. What is a Roof Overlay? A roof overlay is the process of adding a layer of shingles and waterproofing over a preexisting roof. It is most commonly used as a way to extend…

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How to Find the Right Contractor for You

Jun 17 2020

The average homeowner in the United States will only have to purchase a new roof once or twice in their life. That means that most people don’t know how to purchase a roof and need help finding the right roofing contractor. Your roof is arguably the most important and hardest-working part of your home. Because of this, we want to ensure you make an educated decision and give you the knowledge you need to select the good roofer and fend off the bad ones. Here are three ways you can find the right roofing contractor for you: Research Reviews: When…

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