6 Signs of Improper Roof Installation

Mar 10 2022

You work hard to keep a safe roof over your head, so of course you want to know signs of improper installation. Roof leaks can be caused by a number of things, but there are 3 main reasons why roofs leak: old age, storm damage, and improper installation. In this we are going to break down what improper installation looks like and how shingles can be improperly installed. 1. Shingles sliding off the roof– this is the first and most common symptom of improper installation. When you see shingles sliding off of roofs, it’s usually caused by the nails being…

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Which Atlas Shingle is Best for Your Home?

Mar 04 2022

Time for a new roof? It’s an exciting home makeover, but now you have to make the decision on which Atlas Shingle is the best for you. After all, not all shingles are made the same – even from the same manufacturer. At Restoration Roofing, Atlas Roofing Shingles are our preferred shingle manufacturer. As one of the top brands for high-performance roof shingle products, they offer some of the most competitive warranty features and affordable pricing. To help you make your decision, we are going to break down each type of roof shingles offered by Atlas. Pros of Using Atlas…

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Is It Illegal for Your Roofer to Waive Your Deductible?

Feb 28 2022

You’ve seen roofers stating that they will waive your deductible, but did you know that they are committing fraud? We would bet that everyone reading this has been to a doctor at some point in their lives and, before seeing the doctor, you have had to pay a “co-pay.” Depending on what insurance company you have, that can range in price, but it’s usually between $20 and $80. I can also bet that the doctor has never offered to “waive” your co-pay or give you an “advertising credit” that will go towards your co-pay. In fact, you have to pay…

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Does Homeowners Insurance Increase After a Roof Claim?

Feb 23 2022

Are you on the fence about filing a storm damage roof claim? Are you worried your homeowners insurance will increase your premiums or drop you? These are complicated questions that take a lot of variables into account, and even sometimes, those variables don’t even matter. In this article, I will help you make a fairly certain determination on whether or not your premiums will increase. My analysis is based purely on experience working with customers at Restoration Roofing, and actual results can vary depending on your policy and carrier. How Can Your Insurance Rates Increase? One of the things I…

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What are Roof Rats? And How Do You Get Rid of Them

Feb 21 2022

Have you been hearing rustling in your attic lately? Well, it could be roof rats. So, what exactly are roof rats and how do you get rid of them? Many of our customers have experienced roof rats in their attic. While forcing roof rats to leave is best handled by a pest control company we wanted to help by sharing what exactly roof rats are, signs you have roof rats and how to get rid of them. What is a Roof Rat? Roof rats are one of the most common types of pests found in urban areas. They are also…

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How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost?

Feb 16 2022

Gutters and roofs are like two peas in a pod. They make up what we call your home’s “water management system,” where, your roof is designed to keep water out of your home and your gutters are designed to get that water away from your foundation. With that being said, gutters are ineffective if they can’t allow water to freely flow through them. Falling leaves, seeds, twigs, pine needles, and roofing granules are what we commonly see clogging up gutters. For this reason, we always recommend gutter guards on homes where a lot of falling debris will be present. There…

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