Why We Choose to Install Atlas Shingles

Feb 26 2021

Are you in the market for a new roof? Depending on what stage of the process you are in, you’ve probably realized that there are a ton of shingle options out there. So now not only are you trying to decide between contractors, but you are having to decide between the different shingle brands they install. The process can be overwhelming to say the least so to help narrow down the decision, we want to share why we exclusively install Atlas Shingles for our customers. Algae Prevention As a homeowner, do you want to pay thousands of dollars on a…

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Choosing the Best Roofing Nails

Feb 22 2021

When you think of a roof you probably think of shingles, ridge cap, and ridge vent. But the unseen roofing nails are just as important to your roofing system. Depending on type of material being installed on your home, there are a variety of roofing nails that are more durable than traditional nails. So which nail is best for your Memphis roof?   Galvanized Coil Nail The galvanized coil nail is the most common roofing nail and the least expensive option for nails. There are two different ways that they galvanize nails: hot dipped and electro galvanized. These feature a…

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How to Handle Roof Ice Dams

Feb 19 2021

The most recent weather hitting the Mid-South has caused an unprecedented amount of homes to experience a roof ice dam. Along with frozen and bursting pipes, leaking roofs are a major concern with freezing temperatures and winter storms. What is an ice dam? When your home does not have the adequate insulation for severe winter storms, heated air will escape through the roof, melting the snow. The water runs down your roof and once it hits the edge of the roof where the gutters are, it freezes again. The ice dam then blocks the melted snow from draining and it…

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How to Handle Roof Damage Caused by Hail

Jan 26 2021

Did yesterday’s hailstorm damage have you saying, “What the hail!?” Homes across Memphis and the Mid-South region experienced the rare occurrence of a hailstorm with hail the size of quarters or even golf balls dropping from the sky. In the roofing world hail means a lot of potential damage to your roof. Even if you don’t have obvious dents showing, you likely still need a hail damage roof inspection to find out how much damage you’re dealing with and how to proceed with any possible roof repairs. Since it’s such a rare occurrence, we put together signs to look for…

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Benefits of Having a Roofing Professional for Insurance Claims

Jan 21 2021

You wouldn’t go to court without your lawyer, so why would you go to your insurance without your contractor? With heavy rain and windstorms passing through the Mid-South, a number of homes will experience storm damage, which also means roof damage.  Your first instinct might be to call your insurance company, but since insurance companies will often deny these claims, we also recommend calling a local roofing professional. There are a number of reasons why we recommend having a roofing contractor work with you to file an insurance claim. Check for Damage: Having a professional inspect your roof will ensure…

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6 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Roof Repairs

Jan 05 2021

When was the last time you had your roof checked for repairs? While your roof may not the most exciting part of a home renovation, it does not mean it should be ignored. Waiting to get repairs on your home is a risky decision that can lead to several issues. Even small roof repairs can snowball into issues that are so big that it affects the entire roof system. Check out the six most common scenarios that can happen if you ignore roof damage warning signs. Early Replacement: The longer you put off roof repairs, the so oner the entire…

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